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I've challenged myself to release a brand new dress for each day of February! 

Like many people, I find this time of year challenging so I decided to give myself (and you!) a little something to look forward to each day - a ONEOFAKIND Ola Dress!! Think of it as an advent calendar counting down to March ;) 

My "works in progress" in the studio are getting a bit out of hand so I thought this would be the perfect time to finish up all the unique projects I haven't had the time to get at yet. This means that every dress I create this month will be completely different from the last and should make for some very interesting results... I'm pretty excited about it!

Check the website daily to see the newest piece in my FEBRUARY FROCKS collection, each named for the day of the month they were released. I will be sharing the new work every day on my Instagram Stories as well!

Thank you so much for following,

Dani Dubois

Owner, Maker, Designer, Dreamer

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