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Ola Dream Dress Collection


Ola Dream Dress

I'm beyond excited to officially launch my Dream Dress Collection! A line within the line where I showcase extra special fabric finds and unique designs, this will be a permanent, yet ever changing and growing place for experimentation and personal dream fulfillment... 

I decided to do a very limited pre-launch for The Dream Dresses by appointment last week in my studio here in Victoria BC. I was eager to interact with people for this new line and I am so happy I did it that way as the response was fantastic and I gained & learned a lot! 

Before appointments began, I did a fun and intimate little photoshoot with my babe of a BFF, Tracy in Beacon Hill Park. Check out the results below and then check out all the pretty new things HERE.

As always, thank you for following <3

Dani Dubois

Ola Dream Dress Ola Dream Dress


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