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Ola Dubois Fall 2017


Hola Ola Lovers!! Turns out I'm terrible at updating a blog but I'm working on it, haha. I thought now would be a good time for an update on Ola Dubois plans for the season :)

I'll be offering THREE collections Fall/Winter 2017:
Ola Equinox to be completed September 22nd. Richer colours, focusing on blues, purples, greens and all the lovely jewel tones. Moving into heavier fabrics, bold prints and some longer sleeve lengths. I am crazy excited about every single print!!
The second collection will be due end of October, or early November and will honor the colours of the season such as earthy browns, golds, oranges and deep reds. Name and more details TBA! 
I will also be doing party / holiday dresses for the end of November! Lace and velvet and shiny things yay! Here's a taste of last years holiday collection
I will be showing Ola Equinox by appointment at my home studio in Cook Street Village. You can email me anytime at to book in!
If you would like more info and/or to follow my progress thru the week, please check out my Facebook Event and click "Going" or "Interested." I will also be posting updates on my Instagram Page, likely with plenty of awkward stories featuring me trying everything on... yes, I love my job!  

After the appointments are finished, I will be offering stock to my retail locations across Vancouver Island and after that, I will be updating the web shop here. This means for my wonderful, loyal out of town fans that if you want dibs at the new stock, you can get them via my Facebook Page! I will be posting hanger shots of each item once they are done and am always available for questions on fits, lengths and fabrics! 

Lastly, I have started a mailing list to keep my fans up to date on new collections, sales, events and other important news. If you'd like to stay in the loop, please sign up here:

Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read this lengthy post - I told you I'm not good at this!! I am still in the early stages of this business and feel I am beginning to figure out the best way of doing things so thank you so much for following and supporting indie, sustainable designers like myself. You are making a difference every time you shop small and eco-friendly, I promise you that!

Dani Dubois

Dani Dubois 

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