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About Ola

Sustainably made clothing & swimwear to fall in LOVE with! Ola collections are colourful, comfortable, vintage inspired and very figure flattering.

Our clothing is made mainly from upcycled textiles, which are the only 100% sustainable materials as they have already been manufactured and require no energy, transport or resources. Ola dresses are one of a kind and most other items are one or two of a kind – which is a rare treat in this age of mass production.

Ola Dubois Swimwear is designed to fit beautifully and last for years. Every piece is made in BC from the highest quality, recycled polyester which is anti-bacterial, wicking and feels great on the skin. Once you try an Ola swimsuit, you’ll be hooked for life!

Our brand continues to grow & evolve but the vision remains the same: make it locally, make it last and make sure the customer feels their absolute best.

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Dani Dubois, Designer

Ola Dubois, Dani Dubois, Canadian Designer