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About Ola

Hello, Ola Babes and Ola Babes-to-be!

Thanks so much for dropping by. I’d love to tell you a bit about me and my community, what’s special about Ola Dubois, and why I am passionately dedicated to our vision:

Make it locally, make it last, and make sure the customer feels their absolute best

There’s only one of you—your unique body, thoughts, heart, dreams, challenges, self. Just like you, each Ola Dubois dress is one-of-a-kind. Most designers design a piece first, then source or make the right fabric. Not me. I’m fabric-first. The fabric—the print, color, texture, and weight inspire the design. I source secondhand (upcycled) textiles in thrift shops and online. Time consuming? Yes. Satisfying? Oui! Exciting? Absolutely. I get a thrill from discovering new fabrics and creating signature pieces. You will never see another Ola Dubois dress the same as yours.

I grew up in Victoria, BC, surrounded by inspiring, creative people. Dad was an upholsterer; I loved watching his hands cutting fabrics, bringing new life to old things. Mum sewed all our clothes (three of us girls) and designed swim suits and aerobic wear professionally (Oh yeah 90s). Working in the swim wear business helping her, while combing through thrift shops as a teen, I developed my own style and appreciation for well-made fashion.

In 2007, my sister Rosebud and I took over Mum’s shop, Paradise Boutique. We showcased her vintage style, legendary bathing suits alongside other Canadian brands. Along the way, I began making clothing of my own. We sold Paradise in 2016 and I focused on growing my collection of unique and gorgeous dresses. In 2022, Mum retired and I took over the swimwear line‑each form-fitting piece is made in BC from the highest quality, anti-bacterial moisture wicking, recycled polyester that keeps its shape and lasts. Once you try an Ola swimsuit, you’ll be hooked for life!

“I wore the same Ola to a wedding in Victoria and to the beach in Portugal.”

Ola Dubois dresses are pretty, figure-flattering, beautifully made, and easy to care for. They travel well and, most importantly, feel wonderful to wear. Remind yourself that you’re one of a kind with an Ola.

Bodies are beautiful. Your body (yes, you!) is amazing. Ola Dubois helps women feel their best because the suits and the dresses are built to fit you, not the other way around.

I couldn’t craft an “About” page without mentioning my Ola Babes and the Ola community—Vibrant, caring, supportive, unique, hilarious, and genuine. Ola Dubois absolutely would not exist without my family, friends (and their dogs), and friends to come, like you.

Hmm. What else? My happy place is in my studio with a coffee and great music, designing and creating. I also love dancing, spending quality time with friends, flexing my hot yoga, cold water dipping, hanging in nature, and walking gently on our precious earth—We need her.

Okay, enough about me. Come have a look. Try on some beautiful things that might just be perfect for you!  

Love, Dani.

Dani Dubois, Designer and Owner

Ola Dubois, Dani Dubois, Canadian Designer